AgroSanO Organic Small Scale Farm Project in Oaxaca, Mexico

AgroSanO is a small ecological farming project in the gorgeous Central Valleys of Oaxaca, México. We work to promote local organic food production and consumption. We work to build community through a CSA system, through workshops and by contributing to the local economy.

After 7 years of small growth and significant success, we are launching a fundraising campaign to triple our farm’s production capabilities. An intelligent redesign of our farm will provide more access to local, organic, affordable foods and more opportunities to create a sustainable model for other community-based farms.

$350,000 MXN

{ 2016 Campaign Goal }

Thank you! So far we've raised 144,714 MXN (7 869 USD)!

(07 mar) 41.3%

Please join us on Saturday, December 17, at Balneario Las Brisas to celebrate and close our crowdfunding campaign. The entrance fee of 100 pesos (50 for children) includes entrance to all of the pools as well as a concert by masters of son Jarocho, Raices.

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Our goal since AgroSanO was founded in 2009, was to demonstrate the viability and importance of small farms. We not only create our own autonomy but are also contributing to the sustainability of the small farm model and the social value of famers in Oaxaca. Through our weekly tenates (CSA deliveries), we are growing and strengthening our community of conscious consumers and ambassadors for local, healthy food.

Our primary goal through this fundraising campaign can be summed up in one word: GROWTH. Through a deliberate redesign of our space, we can make it more productive, more diverse and more efficient. This will empower us to triple our CSA membership and to offer our tenateros a more diverse bounty.

By donating to AgroSanO, you are:

  1. providing more people access to healthy seasonal food at fair prices.
  2. promoting a sustainable form of farming that reaffirms the value of farmers in our society.
  3. growing a network of conscious and responsible people who value the knowledge of where their food is coming from and who is producing it.
  4. supporting the existence of small-scale local producers who fight daily against the pressures of the capitalist-driven global economy.

250 MXN ($14 USD)

Guided Tour of Our Farm

250 MXN ($14 USD)

Thank You!
Come visit the farm and witness the change!

750 MXN ($40 USD)

Recipe Book (PDF) + Guided Tour

750 MXN ($40 USD)

Thank you! In addition to the tour of the farm, receive a PDF version of our community recipe book, put together by our dear “tenateros” (delivery December 2016)

2000 MXN ($110 USD)

AgroSanO Consultation + Recipe Book
+ Guided Tour

2000 MXN ($110 USD)

Thank you! Besides the tour and the recipe book, receive a live or online consultation with technical orientation to begin or improve your own agro-ecological garden/farm.



The Latest News on Our 2016 Growth Campaign



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A Vital Part of AgroSanO's Community Commitment

{ 3 Ways to Support AgroSanO }

We are really grateful for all the support from our friends to make this campaign possible: