What Do We Want to Do?

The objective of our campaign is to fund the removal of our greenhouse and the subsequent redesign of our space to be more efficient, to work with the seasons and the land and to provide more produce to more community members without sacrificing quality or cost-efficiency. The massive effort which has spanned months of research and will require a pause in harvesting for 3-5 months will result in a more sustainable future for the AgroSanO team and a wider variety of produce for our community members.

What Is Our Plan for the Redesign?

Our plan is broken into 2 phases — an essential stage that includes removing the greenhouse and repurposing this space in a more efficient manner and then a diversifying phase that includes completing our community workspace with alternative-energy features, adding trees, mushrooms and chickens as well as purchasing equipment.

The entire plan is budgeted at 350,000 MXN (approximately $18,000 USD).

Current Design Under the Greenhouse

New Design, leaving a small greenhouse and the rest in open air

$350,000 MXN

{ 2016 Campaign Goal }

Thank you! So far we've raised $144 714 MXN (7 869 US)!

(07 mar) 41.3%

250 MXN ($14 USD)

Guided Tour of Our Farm

250 MXN ($14 USD)

Thank You!
Come visit the farm and witness the change!

750 MXN ($40 USD)

Recipe Book (PDF) + Guided Tour

750 MXN ($40 USD)

Thank you! In addition to the tour of the farm, receive a PDF version of our community recipe book, put together by our dear “tenateros” (delivery December 2016)

2000 MXN ($110 USD)

AgroSanO Consultation + Recipe Book
+ Guided Tour

2000 MXN ($110 USD)

Thank you! Besides the tour and the recipe book, receive a live or online consultation with technical orientation to begin or improve your own agro-ecological garden/farm.

1. The reorganization of our space begins by removing the greenhouse to reestablish equilibrium and natural cycles.

Over the years, we have realized that the greenhouse has brought us a number of problems: irrigation with well water has generated significant soil salinization, an increasingly dirty enclosure causes more and more filtration of sunlight, pest outbreaks become more and more uncontrollable given the absence of natural predators, there is no possibility of pollination of certain crops and the heat is almost unbearable in April-May. And of course, we’d much rather be working out in the fresh air and sunshine rather than in a steamy bubble!

2. In the entirety of our farming area, we need to expand and diversify our production.

We need to adjust our current system of vegetable production while also integrating new elements such as trees (primarily fruit and nitrogen fixers), animals (chickens, ducks, fish) and edible fungi (mushrooms).

We will continue using agro-ecological techniques including bio-intensive methods, focusing our efforts on 3 essential elements to create an efficient and sustainable agricultural system: the nutrient cycle, the water cycle and energy cycle.

We will take a long view and make an annual plan for our garden, based on the possibilities of crops adapted to our climates and seasons with a focus on the requirements of creating well-rounded, nutrient-rich tenates.  In addition to crop rotation, the plan of the garden includes the introduction of several perennial species, the association of complimentary crops in the same space and the cultivation of green pastures for natural regeneration and soil fertilization.

3. Finally, we will repurpose the iron from the greenhouse to create a better workspace for post-harvest processing and washing vegetables.

It is essential to have a covered area where we can perform all post-harvest activities such as weighing, washing, drying vegetables and prepare the tenates. This space will be located in the center of the garden and can also serve as a working classroom for workshops.

In addition to creating the structure, we will also construct a “dry” bathroom as well as relocating our existing composts.

How Will We Use the Money?


{ Re-ogranization of Space }
$150,000 MXN ($8,050 USD)
  • 15,000 MXN ($805 USD) … Remove greenhouse
  • 50,000 MXN ($2865 USD) … Construction of a central workspace/community classroom
  • 10,000 MXN ($540 USD) … Purchase of seeds and seedlings to start new crops
  • 3,000 MXN ($160 USD) … Purchase of Earthway Seeder
  • 4,000 MXN ($215 USD)  … Analysis and interpretation of soil
  • 10,000 MXN ($540 USD) … Purchase of minerals for soil
  • 3,000 MXN ($160 USD) … Construction of new compost area
  • 24,000 MXN ($1290 USD) … Purchase of processing machine to make compost production more efficient
  • 10,000 MXN ($540 USD) … Purchase of campagnole for the preparation of beds
  • 1,000 MXN ($44 USD) … Water analysis
  • 15,000 MXN ($805 USD) … Irrigation system
  • 5,000 MXN ($270 USD) … Water capture system


{ Diversification }
$200,000 MXN ($10,740 USD)
  • 7,500 MXN ($405 USD) … Purchase trees
  • 7,000 MXN ($375 USD) … Installation of mushroom farm
  • 5,000 MXN ($270 USD) … Construction of hen house and purchase of hens
  • 3,000 MXN ($160 USD) … Construction of natural pond
  • 15,000 MXN ($805 USD) … Solar pump system for irrigation
  • 20,000 MXN ($1075 USD)… Rainwater cistern
  • 140,000 MXN ($7515 USD) … Used utility vehicle