Our Project… Why?

It is a fact that the world population has grown exponentially since the industrial revolution with a general tendency to concentrate in cities. In Mexico, the urban population rose from 60% in the late 70’s to 80% today, while rural population decreased proportionally from 40% to 20% in the same period. This tells us that while there are more and more people demanding food in the cities, there are less and less people dedicated to producing that demand in the field. The high demand is also creating eroded and less productive soils

In Oaxaca, as in the rest of Mexico and much of the world, agriculture has been devalued. Being a farmer is not considered as an option for “dignified” career and it is very hard to earn money doing so. We turn away more and more of the earth, trapped in a bubble of a system that preached a model of “well being” but that actually makes us more sick and enslaves us. And still! NOBODY WANTS TO BE A FARMER. The abandonment of the countryside is a reality with an entire generation of farmers lost leading the average age for farmers today in Oaxaca to be between 60 and 70 years old.

Faced with these problems, governments and large agribusiness have promoted agriculture that extracts nutrients, plunders resources, pollutes and even kills in a logic that is capitalistic and governed by money that only support programs that will generate dependency and perpetual poverty. We also face a national health crisis, caused mainly by the increased consumption of industrialized food and junk food. Mexico ranks first in obesity in children and in adults and the leading cause of death is diabetes.

We want to offer a proposal that will consciously and intelligently contribute to the solution not only with our talk but with our daily work. We strive to restore credibility to the model of a farmer who can produce more and better, in abundance and in quality, without destroying or depleting the natural or social environment.

We feel that society has lost the curiosity of wondering where things come from, what you eat, what you buy, what you do. Creating a link between producers and consumers, sharing our work, we seek to repair this disconnect, tenate by tenate, and raise awareness in people of both the dire situation we find ourselves in — and the simple, clean air, dirt-under-your-fingernails solution.

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